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Ian Finlay | My Endless Summer + Tips for Cycling the Pamir Highway
Episode 5119th April 2020 • Bikepack Adventures Podcast • Chris Panasky
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In Episode 051 of the Bike Tour Adventures Podcast, I have the chance to speak with 53 year’s young Ian Finlay. In August of 2018, he loaded up his bike with everything he would need to finally take his “gap year” and cycle around the world, old enough to appreciate it and young enough to do it by bike. Within a few weeks, the tour grew from a few months to two years. Having never cycle toured, filmed, photographed or blogged, Ian decided he would learn as he goes and through these media he would share his Endless Summer.

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Show Notes

~ 01m 20s     Thanking my newest Patreon supporter and answering a question about Brooks saddles

~ 03m 45s     Intro to Episode, who is Ian Finlay

~ 11m 45s     You stop aging when you travel, and advantages of bike touring later in life rather than when younger

~ 18m 45s     Bike and setup: Rohloff hubs, dynamos, Brooks saddles, solar panels

~ 24m 15s     Mechanical issues, crashing into cars more than once

~ 28m 30s     Cycling through Turkey

~ 33m 30s     Mapping and navigation apps

~ 36m 00s     Cycling in Europe, the story of the Gypsy camp

~ 41m 30s     Flying from Eastern Europe to SE Asia for the winter

~ 45m 45s     Challenges of cycling SE Asia, paying bribes at the border

~ 54m 40s     Home for a wedding and off to the Balkans, which Balkan country he'd like to visit and explore more

~ 62m 30s     Kazakhstan and Central Asia, story of the woodcarver in Khiva, Tunnel of Death

~ 73m 15s     What he loved about Tajikistan, tips on cycling the Bartang & Wakhan Valleys, story of the blocked fuel line in the middle of nowhere

~ 01h 25m     Leaving the Pamirs and going to Osh, Kyrgyzstan, plans to return another time and where he'll go

~ 01h 27m     Cycling Australia and New Zealand, Covid-19, Going home

~ 01h 36m     Where to find Ian Finlay, next episode Luke Grenfell-Shaw, concluding notes



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