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How to Utilize Your Sales Experience with Omri Weinberg
15th November 2023 • CyberBytes: The Podcast • Powered by Aspiron Search
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Omri is the CRO & Co-founder of DoControl. An automated platform that provides data access monitoring, orchestration, and remediation across SaaS applications.

Omri was born into a family business and has had to wear multiple hats for a very long time. So, you could say he has start-up blood! Having founded a company prior and raised money, whilst also taking sales from $0 to a few million, the success he is having now at DoControl is awesome!

We also dig into:

✔️ What key things he utilized from his previous roles to where he is now.

✔️ What 3 things each Sales Rep should be focusing on

✔️ The strategy for DoControl and their success so far




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