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You're Not In The Band Anymore (S7 E14)
Episode 1427th October 2022 • Sounds On Vinyl • BoozeHound Entertainment
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Welcome to the Sounds On Vinyl Show, brought to you by BoozeHound Entertainment.

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-Studio 666 Movie Review

The trailer looked pretty stupid, but it turned out to be a fairly well-written, goofy horror movie that was well acted considering the cast was mostly musicians.

It wasn't particularly scary, and to the contrary had many jokes, especially in the beginning.

Of course, you gotta love a band that not only writes their own horror movie, but also creates a band, a metal band no less, and releases an album under that band name.

We all saw it coming, but Taylor Hawkins death scene was a bit surreal.

This brings me to the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert - in the movie Dave Grohl mentions that this record (one long 45 minute song) was "2112 x 2112", and at the concert, Geddy Lee & Alex Lifeson along with the Foo Fighters played part of 2112, which now having seen the movie makes it that much cooler.


Mike's Notes

Ace Freheley have previously said that he thinks Tommy Thayer current Kiss guitarist is lousy at his job. He doesn't have any real feel for playing he only copies me to a tee. Bruce on the other hand made the playing of the old songs his own with some diffrent note and so forth. That's more fealing than Tommy ever had. NOW! Bruce speaks about the matter; "I really think they made the right choice, knowing what they were trying to do, which was just trying to sell the characters and the make-up version of the band," Bruce said. " By going with Tommy 

New SKID ROW vocalist Erik Grönwall spoke to The Rock N' Roll & Coffee Show about how he has been accepted by the band's fans since he joined the group earlier this year as the replacement for ZP Theart. He said: "There's so many different types of fans. I've realized that… 'Cause when we did the show in California, [some] people came up to me after the show, and they were, like, 'Sebastian [Bach], you've still got it.' 

Saxon's new album Carpe Diem finds it way into the Swedish charts at number 15 and climing. Still thinks it's awesome that a band that was formed in 1977 and had they're hayday in the mid 80's still are a band to recon with. I saw the yetsterday at KB in Malmo and they put on a awesome show playing an hour and 45 min. Lead singer Biff is 71 years old, headbanging and singing his heart out. That's respect!

Alice Cooper "Live At The Astroturf" with original Alice Cooper group. Dennis Dunaway, Michael Bruce, Neal Smith. NEW pressing (old one sold out in record time RSD) Four diffrent colours Apricot, Curacao, Gold and Glow In The Dark

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