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The Gerry Anderson Podcast - Anderson Entertainment EPISODE 110, 20th July 2020
Pod 110: The True Successor to the Thunderbirds Crown?
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Pod 110: The True Successor to the Thunderbirds Crown?

M.G. Harris is known for her best-selling book series 'The Joshua Files' but she's also the author who was tasked with taking on and completing one of the final ideas from Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson: Gemini Force One. This week she's back to talk about developing (and redeveloping) the series across three books.

01:00 Introductory stuff - plus birthday wishes for Richard James' mum's birthday

03:10 FAB Facts - Richard can't wait for it to be over and done with.

08:49 Podsterons messages from all over the world

12:05 Gerry Anderson News

17:45 Some other thoughts and messages courtesy of Mister Richard James and our lovely listeners.

25:00 MG Harris interview part two

43:20 We announce next week's interviewees

45:44 Some more thoughts and messages from the Podsterons

48:09 Chris Dale's amazing Randomiser

01:24:30 Wrapping things up

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