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Day 1 of 5 - Create Content using your Human Design | Workshop Week | Episode 46
Episode 4625th March 2024 • Unjaded: Human Design for Intentional Entrepreneurs • Vickie Dickson
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Content by Design Workshop Week - Day 1 of 5

Welcome to the Content by Design ‘Workshop Week’. I’m so excited to walk you through exactly how to use your unique Human Design to confidently stand in your message so that you attract your perfect fit clients everytime you post, email, or speak online. We’re going to cover a lot of ground over the next 5 days so buckle up!

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Day One is All About…Prepping! You will have to listen to the episode for the juicy details.

PS: If you don’t know what to say online - this workshop is for you 🫶

See you tomorrow for day 2!

What is Content by Design?

In the Content by Design course (CBD for short) we spend 8 weeks on creating content according to your Human Design. I have chunked out some of the biggest pieces for us to work through here so that you can get a head start on what we’ll be working on in the course.

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