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"Nobody is Gonna Change Me But Me"
Episode 45th August 2021 • Casting Light • Guiding Light
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Today we sit down with former Recovery client Mark to discuss his journey that led him to the doors of Guiding Light 2 years ago. His story traverses through nearly two decades of addiction that brought Mark to the gates of desperation, insanity, and nearly death. Despite being surrounded by loved ones begging for him to get help, it wasn’t until Mark reached a point of desperation for himself that he truly became willing to make a lasting change. “I’ve been down that road where I’ve tried to get sober for my mom, for my son, for anybody else, and it’s never worked. I had to make these changes for myself, nobody is gonna change me but me.” Mark credits his time at Guiding Light with giving him the foundation to become a better son, father, and human being capable of thriving and giving back to his community today.