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Sam Loomis, Curt Gooch and Roy Damm Oh My! KISS Bootleg Saga Continues. Sandman too Woke?
Episode 242nd August 2022 • Gen X Bros. • Gen X Brothers
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Gen X Brothers start with Climate Change that Quickly turns towards Shakira and her tax evasion of Spain.

Then all eyes or ears are on the mighty KISS Bootleg Saga. With Sam Loomis nowhere to be found will Erik save the day with his Facebook Group - "KISS Army Revenge". Or will Roy Damm and his team of fake lawyers come to Curt Gooch's rescue by shutting down the Largest KISS Facebook group on the internet with more than 86 people!!!

Wow! How will it all end?

Glenn and Erik both discuss the new Netflix Series Sandman. Is it too Woke? Was the casting of Death justified?

All this and more on the Gen X Bros. Podcast

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