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Fireside Stories - Kimberley Rivando- Robb EPISODE 7, 16th April 2021
Fireside Stories: Ralph Robb
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Fireside Stories: Ralph Robb

Have you ever thought about what life would be like if you had taken a different path? Who would you be, where would you be?

Born in Wolverhampton, England, to Jamaican parents, Ralph has had to endure and thrive despite the many limitations and obstacles that life has provided. In this podcast, Ralph reflects on his journey as a young black man growing up in a troubled city. Listen in as he details his experiences, struggles, opportunities and life lessons found within sports that helped make him the author he is today. Writing is his passion and escape from the real world, and he invites his readers to take part in the adventures brewing in his mind.  

For more information about Ralph and his books, please visit www.ralphrobb.com or www.facebook.com/RalphRobbBooks