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Nailing your Customer Engagement Strategy
Episode 3020th October 2021 • Gainsight GameChanger Podcast • Gainsight / StudioPod Media
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How and when is it the right time to engage with our customers? Rule #1: Customer engagement should never have a cookie-cutter approach. In today’s episode, our host is joined by Flexential’s Senior Manager of Customer Success Operations and Senior Director of Customer Experience Strategy, Jessica Owens, and Mike Garret, to deep dive into the best practices of a powerful customer engagement strategy. Throughout this episode, Jessica and Mike share the best practices that have allowed Flexential to set themselves apart from their competitors, the importance of taking action based on feedback, and how a strategy-and-technology perspective can throw off results from one quarter to the very next. Listen now to improve your customer engagement strategy, and establish a real and strong relationship with your customers and CSMs, starting today.

Jump straight into:

(00:40) - Get to know our guests: Jessica Owens and Mike Garret- “I decided to continue down the operations path and have loved it ever since!” 

(07:03) - Not your typical CS model: On Flexential’s unique framework - “Our challenge was really: How do we create value in an industry that's really commoditized?”

(11:16) - Reaching the epitome of Customer Success through feedback and careful planning - “The CSM is going to have to be more in the driver's seat as far as how and when they're going to engage with the customer.”

(17:25) - On Flexential’s improvement and future - “When we first kicked this off, we were only talking to 23% of our customer base in Q2. This quarter that we just closed out, we're over 75%. That is an amazing increase.”


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