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Holistic Business Matters - Helen Harding EPISODE 17, 11th June 2020
How to reinvent your holistic health business
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How to reinvent your holistic health business

As we’re starting to move out of lockdown, people are getting back to work. As a practitioner, you may not return to working in person any time soon. When you do, you’ll have to change aspects of how you do business.

The environment is constantly changing and at the time of recording this, only certain statutory regulated practitioners are legally allowed to return to working in person with clients. 

Most complementary and alternative medicine practitioners aren’t statutory regulated and will, therefore, have to continue to work remotely. However, some practitioners who have shops as part of their business may be able to reopen in line with government guidance.

There are still many opportunities arising from the experience of lockdown. We can take the lessons learnt and apply them to building a sustainable practice for the future.

  • Reflect on the lessons learnt from lockdown (3:20)
  • Make peace with change and let go (4:44)
  • Have a plan for getting back to work in person (7:27)
  • Revisit your vision for your business (10:03)

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Creating your vision for your business

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