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What's next for access control? Lee Odess on the impact of Big Tech
Episode 1128th March 2023 • The IFSEC Insider Podcast: Security in Focus • Informa Exhibitions
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What is the future of physical access control? Why is the market moving from security hardware-driven to convenience software-driven solutions? How is the emergence of Big Tech impacting the traditional industry expectations? All of this is on the agenda on episode 11 of the Security in Focus podcast, as access control expert Lee Odess provides us with his view.

Lee explains the growth of 'proptech' solutions and why convenience is now just as important to end-users as security credentials. He takes us back to the early beginnings of access control technology, and how requirements have evolved as software has opened up new opportunities and use cases.

Lee also presented at IFSEC 2023 on the Tech Talks theatre.

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