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5 Psychological Hacks To Sell More Tickets To Your Shows | TSMP #088
Episode 889th January 2022 • The Gig Hero • The Gig Hero
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How To Sell Your Stage Show Tickets Like Hot Cakes

The first quarter of each year is a lull period for most performers. The holiday season just got over and private gigs are now scarce to come by. Therefore, this is the perfect time to put on a public stage show and utilise it to increase your reach.

One of the major hurdles with stage shows is selling tickets. If you have had a difficult time selling tickets previously, we are sharing a few counterintuitive ideas that you need to try. If it is your first time selling tickets, you are off to a great start after this implementing the hacks from this episode.

In this episode, Aidan and Ashley discuss tips and tricks that they use to sell tickets quickly. They are easy to implement and can reap real benefits if applied correctly. Apply these hacks and let us know your experience with selling tickets.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • [00:35] Utilise The Gigs’ Downtime To Perform Public Shows
  • [02:00] How To Set Your Ticket Price
  • [06:20] Managing Audience Expectations With Ticket Prices
  • [09:50] Create Scarcity To Demonstrate Value
  • [13:50] Don’t Organise A One-Off Show; Organise A Series
  • [16:00] Follow Up Without Sounding 'Salesy'
  • [18:50] Induce Urgency By Using Different Types Of Scarcity
  • [21:30] Replace The ‘Show’ With An ‘Experience’
  • [23:50] Time Urgency vs. Price Urgency
  • [28:20] Leverage The ‘Thank You’ Page Of Your Ticketing Platform
  • [33:40] Treat Your Stage Show Like A Marathon, Not A Sprint

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