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Chapter 5. Holidays in Eden Tour memories, Previous Bands
Episode 525th May 2020 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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Well it's been one hell of a week for me. Number ones really do appear to be like buses at the moment, you wait around for ages and then three come along at once.

  • No.1 in the iTunes Rock Chart with Made Again 2020
  • No.1 in the Amazon download Chart
  • and TCD No.1 in the Music Section of Apple Podcasts

You literally couldn't make it up....

Anyway today we talk a little bit about my early gigging days in Doncaster, heading to London to be a pop-star ...and custard.

The diary section covers the start of the Holidays in Eden tour and a little disagreement with EMI over the Dry Land video.

Oh, and best not forget a Sax player called Chopper...

Stay safe,


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