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Are you scared of failing?
Episode 1317th February 2021 • I Totally Relate! • Rissy and Shelbs
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The truth is we will not experience this life without knowing the pain of failure. How do we perceive failure and what does that really mean?

Our discussion touches on career and promoting experiences, and the feeling of failure when you walk away from a situation unclear on what you did wrong. Shelby opens up about giving up in order to avoid the devastation of failure all together. Carissa shares her feelings of failure and motherhood. The incessant feeling of wanting to be perfect for your children all the time and the impossibility of attaining that.

Perhaps the biggest take away is that not going after what you truly desire because of the fear of failure, is perhaps the most common form of failure among us. We cannot avoid failure, so we might as well go after what we want in life and learn from our mistakes.

It’s ok to not have all the answers, it’s ok to not do it perfectly, it’s ok to try, it’s ok to make mistakes. Here’s your invitation: go after what you want in life! We are here to support and encourage you along the way! What part of failure is hardest for you? We would love to hear from you and continue the conversation! Join us on Patreon, DM us @itotallyrelatepod on Instagram, or send us an email at

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