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Ep. 45: Embracing Femininity, Sensuality & Self-Expression w/ Dr. Meredith McNiel
Episode 4517th January 2022 • Aligned Attraction • Lee Noto
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Today I invite you into a deep and sensual conversation with my dear friend & soul sister, Meredith (a holistic mental health therapist & consultant). 

We started the conversation by creating an invitation for you (the listener) to tap into your senses, as Meredith tells a very sexy story of a recent experience she had while attending a Tantra festival. In short - she pushed a lot of her own edges, while exploring being witnessed by others in how she dances and moves her body sensually. 

What you’ll learn:

  • How to be authentically embody femininity, sensuality & self-expression + tools Meredith has used on her journey toward this embodiment
  • The art of intuitive movement and using energetic dance to create a state of flow
  • How embracing and exploring her femininity has helped Meredith create a sense of trust and confidence in herself
  • The things that may get in your way when you’re looking to deepen into femininity
  • How to become more in tune with your body by  being present with your emotions and  bodily sensations

Connect with Meredith:


Dr. Meredith McNiel is a Holistic Mental Health Therapist and Consultant in Austin, Texas.

Driven by authentic connection, she is passionate about guiding others in creating meaning from their suffering to discover their truth and return to their true essence. Dr. Meredith developed a signature methodology in combining her own essential wisdom, embodied practices, with her training and education. She encourages individuals to dive deep into their own self-understanding and recover from trauma so they may feel empowered to express themselves fully in every aspect of life. The foundation of her work is focused on integrity and embodying the true essence of self while creating safety in the body and building growth-fostering relationships with others. Dr. Meredith can be contacted via her website at or her Instagram, @dr.meredith__


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