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The Genius of Boldness and Podcast Engineering School
Episode 1022nd July 2020 • Podcast Editors Mastermind • Bryan Entzminger, Carrie Caulfield, Daniel Abendroth, Jennifer Longworth
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“Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”* Need to charge more for your services? Need more clients? (Yes and yes!) Then improving your skills and upping your confidence are the catalysts you covet. To get them, consider Podcast Engineering School and employing the genius of boldness.

Chris Curran of Podcast Engineering School offers both the mental inspiration and the audio deep-dive podcast engineers, producers and editors need. And he definitely has the chops to do so. Chris’ background is in music engineering and production with several famous artists. He’s been on staff with professional recording studios and been the producer and engineer for household name podcasts as well as business authors. 

Podcast Engineering School’s next semester starts September 15, 2020. Get details and enroll early for an amazing discount at In Chris’ course, students do a dive deep on sound to create impeccable podcasts.

With everything he has to offer, we absolutely had to have Chris on -- especially when he makes empowering and intriguing statements like: “You are the instrument that gets everything done.” Hear about this and much more on this episode.


What and who inspired Chris to get started in podcasts and podcast engineering

How Chris works with fewer clients but never charges less than $500 per episode

How and why you want to be on while your clients are recording their podcast

Pro Tip: Make sure you’re always recording if you use SquadCast (Chris shares a lesson learned)

What Chris uses for backup recordings

The ideal student for Chris’ Podcast Engineering School and average class sizes

The two common fundamental struggles or gaps all new(er) podcast editors face (you’re not alone!)

Getting clients: combat the head game, get over timidity and just say “Hi”

Consider becoming a member of your local Chamber of Commerce

Why boldness has genius power and how you actually hurt yourself by being the cheapest

Mentally make the leap to raise your prices: aka facing your money mindset

Don’t get stuck in low pricing forever, leverage contracts

How Chris found his first client(s)





Audio Hijack (for Mac)

Voicemeeter Banana (for PC)

Intro to Voicemeeter with Daniel Hagar

RX 7


Podcast Movement

Messy and Molly Beck | @MsMollyBeck

The Podcast Engineering Show

*This quote is attributed to a few people but is most directly word-for-word by John Anster. It appeared in his 1835 translation of the German work “Faust” by Johanne Wolfgang von Goeth.

This episode of Podcast Editors Mastermind was edited by Daniel Abendroth of Roth Media.

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