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Leave loudly, you won't get that time again: Chief winemaker and Dad Tim Pelquest-Hunt
Episode 132nd March 2023 • Podcast • Parents At Work
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As the Chief Winemaker of Orlando Wines based in Barossa Valley, Tim Pequest-Hunt knows all too well the “one shot to get it right” that comes with the science and magic of turning grapes into wine. 

A classically trained singer who got into a career in winemaking after working part-time in a local wine store, he is now a champion for family-friendly workplaces and aims to actively demonstrate the value of taking time out for the family. 

Pelquest-Hunt started with Pernod Ricard Winemakers ten years ago and has risen up the ranks to become one of the company’s top winemakers. He’s also been a witness to significant demographic shifts in winemaking, in terms of more diversity and representation that’s come into the sector which also brings valuable new perspectives, opportunities, and the ability to learn from others. 

Speaking to the Family Friendly Workplace Podcast, an initiative between Parents At Work and UNICEF Australia, Pelquest-Hunt shared how he came into winemaking – discovering he had a passion and a great taste for wine almost accidentally – and went on to study the science and art of the process in New Zealand.