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#10 Philippines: Magellan Fetalino on how Acudeen is solving the liquidity crisis for SME's
Episode 1021st October 2020 • The Global UJ • The Global UJ
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What do you do when you're a small business waiting on your client's receivables to come in, and in the meantime you've still got to pay for your goods & services, payroll, and overhead? Well this is the same problem that Mario Jordan Fetalino, or Magellan for short, had while helping his family business. Clients would take months to pay you because of the long payment terms, causing a bind for even the most asset rich of companies. Magellan is the Founder & CEO of Acudeen Technologies in Manilla, Philippines, who is on a mission to small & medium sized enterprises with this liquidity constraint in SE Asia. They've won numerous startup competitions and are regarded as one of the fastest growing fintech companies in the Philippines! One thing that I loved was that because of their technology & business model, they are able to help not just large enterprises but even the smallest of businesses! Keep listening to hear how Acudeen & Magellan are making a life changing impact for those businesses! He also told me he makes his own beer, and even though I don't drink, I'll have to get you an update on that when we catch up in Manilla sometime!

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