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Ep 7 - It's Your Fault that the Vita is Dead
20th July 2021 • Long Live Play • Adam & Hurst
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In the seventh instalment of the Long Live Play meta-story, hosts Khayl Adam and Govinda Whitehurst contend with the existential angst of returning to work after a long holiday, and contemplate the violent death that we all risk every time we visit a theme park.

Sony is skipping Gamescom, which should surprise no one, but makes us nostalgic for the golden age of conventions. Ghostwire: Tokyo has been delayed, there are seven Persona-related projects in the works over at Atlus, and we get a tease for either Spider-Man 2 or The Last of Us Remastered via an Instagram leak.

Our heroes cover all the news (that they care about) and discuss in-depth the games they are playing (Control, A Plague Tale: Innocence, Divinity: Original Sin 2).

The Featured Article of the Week was written by Chandler Wood of PlayStation Lifestyle.

You can (and should!) read the piece in its entirety here: Between Switch and Steam Deck, Sony Needs to Explore PS Vita 2

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