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1: Poking at Perspectives & Realities
Episode 129th October 2021 • Reality Poke • Cat Knott
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Poking at Perspectives and Realities. In this first episode of Reality Poke, I’m introducing me, Cat Knott, The Reluctant Channeler, and I’ll try to explain what this channeling stuff is all about, using words that make no sense when trying to describe what it's all about… lol, yep the head twizzling starts early!

Then I’m handing over to The Crew, my co-host in the form of my spirit collective, that will be bringing a whole new way of seeing this world. Poking our Perspective, as we delve into the world of connection, channeling, being human, and being much much more than we think we are.

Wooohoooo! Onwards :D 

[00:00] - Welcome to Reality Poke. Who I am, why I’m doing this, what it is, and why it's time for us all to stop not being all that we are.

[08:15] - Over to The Crew. Perspectives from the ‘Not Thisness’. 

[23:33] - After the perspective poke, what happens when we hear that different vibration of existence. Expansion, loosening of solidity… and what's next?

*‘Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t; and remember that the only thing that's real, is reality, until it's not.'* Huge love, Cat x

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Disclaimer: Everything you hear on Reality Poke, is my own navigation guide to the incomprehension of life as a human, and ponderings on how to be totally cool with not understanding any of it. 

The content you’ll find here is not intended to replace your common sense, and should not be used as a substitute for it, nor is it provided to take the place of any medical, legal, financial, or other professional advice. All content is offered for educational, spiritual, and entertainment purpose only.




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