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Ep. 153: Aimee J. ­- It’s Your Life Not Their Life
Episode 1538th August 2018 • Chasing Dreams with Aimee J. • Aimee J.
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How is your dream-chase going? For me, I’m taking some time this month to put significant focus on my personal dream-chasing efforts. I’m taking Nicole Walters’ $1K in 1 Day Academy course, so this is a time for me to work on the course, along with preparing better resources and products for you, the listener. I’m always looking for new and improved ways to inspire, empower, and equip you to chase your dreams. There will be no guest interviews for August, but those will return in September; meanwhile, we’ll cover some great topics with a few solo episodes that you won’t want to miss!

“Dear Me, Myself and I”

Have you ever written a letter to yourself? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it, because it’s something I’ve been practicing. It’s teaching me that I am important and my story is important. Even as identical twins, my sister and I are NOT the same people. When she was born 15 minutes before me, my parents thought she was the only baby. They didn’t know we were twins and that I would be joining the family just a few minutes later! The differences began immediately at birth. We have similar interests but had very different experiences as we grew up. Factors like race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion all work to shape us into who we are and tell us how we see things, but between any two people there are subtle (and some not so subtle) differences. 

TWEET: “Out of the billions of people on the planet, no two are the same. You are important.” #chasingdreams

You NEVER know

How far does your influence and impact go? The answer is that you just never know. Your story may be shared with someone and serve to impact and influence them in ways in which you aren’t aware. You might be blown away if you did know how many people hear your story and are impacted by it. That’s a good reason for podcasting, as it shares the story of person after person, especially in how they live and chase their dreams. We each need to fulfill the purpose we were put on the earth to do, and we accomplish that by trying new things and figuring out what we love.

TWEET: “Each person has different experiences, different perspectives, and a different story to tell.” #chasingdreams

It’s YOUR life

Have you had well-meaning people--even your parents--try to tell you what your purpose is? A parent’s job is to grow and nurture the seeds of passion and purpose so that each child can figure out what their strengths and weaknesses are. It’s part of the reason we try different activities as we grow up. Parents can’t determine the steps you need to take in your life. It’s YOUR life and YOU have to live it and discover your true self. THEN you decide how to let that true self shine through to the world. Don’t let anyone have control over your life to decide WHO you are and WHAT you want to be! Let’s review the top takeaways from this episode:

  1. You are important
  2. You are unique
  3. It is YOUR life, not someone else’s
  4. It is important to live your true life
  5. Chase your dreams and be happy

TWEET: The point of life is for you to figure out your purpose. #chasingdreams


  • [:30] How is your dream-chase going?
  • [1:37] No guest interviews during August
  • [2:46] Writing letters to myself
  • [3:54] Why your story is important
  • [6:54] How identical twins can be VERY different people
  • [10:55] Our stories can have a big circle of influence
  • [13:09] Find your purpose
  • [15:10] Find your true self and live to the truest extent
  • [16:54] Who is in control?
  • [18:00] Top Five Takeaways



TWEET: LIve YOUR life---not someone else’s. #chasingdreams

TWEET: Shine a light on who you are and don’t hide yourself in the dark. #chasingdreams

TWEET: Only by being yourself can you begin to live your true self. #chasingdreams