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Sam Johnson | Pedaling the Globe + 18 Things He’s Learned in the Past Two Years
Episode 3416th November 2019 • Bikepack Adventures Podcast • Chris Panasky
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In Episode 034 of Bike Tour Adventures, I have a chance to catch up with Sam Johnson, an English adventurer that has gone from travelling around in a camper van to pedalling the globe. Having now cycled through 32 countries and over 52,000 km, Sam has experienced civil unrest, seen the worst in people, and the good that is prevalent in the majority of the world.

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Show Notes

~ 30 sec       Intro to Sam Johnson and episode 019

~ 1m 30s     Sam's previous career, all about living in a van, why cycle

~ 14 min      Sam telling us about his bike, build cost breakdown

~ 18 min      European leg of his tour and why it's a good place to start touring

~ 23 min      Cycling Asia, getting stuck in Central Asia, and how wow India is

~ 29 min      How to survive in -18 degrees celcius, using a touring bike on the Annapurna Circuit

~ 34 min      SE Asia, Thailand is amazing but his favourite place is....

~ 38 min      The near death experience in Cambodia

~ 43 min      Best food in Asia goes to??? And sleeping in bushes in Singapore

~ 48 min      Cycling in Australia, the Nullarbour, NZ drivers, and more

~ 53 min      Cycling through S. America, spending 5 days in the airport

~ 1h 2m       Getting stuck in Ecuador during riots, no cell phone, roadside bandits

~ 1h 9m       Current location, all about cafe de ciclistas

~ 1h 11m     18 things he's learned from two years in the saddle

~ 1h 33m     What's next for Sam.

~ 1h 34m     Next week on BTA



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