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26. Let's Talk About Your Skin! Herbal Skincare with Militza Maury
Episode 2622nd January 2021 • The Good Dirt: Sustainable Living Explained • Lady Farmer
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Mary and Emma talk with Militza Maury, the creator of Little Green Dot, an educational space dedicated to natural skincare. In a world where the beauty industry is so often urging us to consume, Militza urges us to take a step back and consider not only what it is we are putting on our skin, but the messages we're getting about why we need all of these products. Combining her love of herbalism and cooking with her fascination with the skin, Militza shares with us her wealth of information and guidance on this topic so relevant to the sustainability conversation. Militza has just released a book on how to make your own skincare from whole food ingredients, and teaches Skincare Herbalism classes. 

1:15 - Mary and Emma discuss their own experiences with skincare

Let’s get into the interview!

9:00 - Militzia introduces herself

20:00 - Our skin connects us with the rest of the world

25:00 - A pivotal time when skincare shifted to include more chemicals

30:00 - The parasympathetic system and skincare

38:00 - Sourcing ingredients

41:00 - Trial and error when creating recipes

45:00 - How the pandemic has affected the natural skincare world

*Things Mentioned: *

-Little Green Dot

-Natural Homemade Skin Care, by Militzia Maury

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