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The TSM Q3 Business Plan | TSMP #061
Episode 614th July 2021 • The Successful Mentalist • The Successful Mentalist
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What is TSM up to in Q3 2021?

In this episode, Aidan and Ashley discuss the exciting projects and events that are being planned for the benefit of our community.

Listen to our complete business plan for Q3 and let us know how we can add more value to your life!


Topics Discussed Include:

  • Introducing The ‘Get Sh*t Done Hour’

  • Change Of Plans In The ‘TSM Biohacking Challenge’

  • Live Guest Interviews On TSM Podcast

  • All About The Tricks (AATT) Lectures - Important Update

  • Adding One Week Of Extra Content To ‘Mastering Online Shows’

  • Brand New Course - Getting Into Magic With Caroline Ravn

  • New Addition To The TSM Team - Dhiraj Gaikwad

  • Success Stories From ‘Learn To Thrive’ Course - Edwin Todd and Oisin Foley

  • Version 2 Of Our Flagship ‘Learn To Thrive’ Course - Coming Soon

  • Daily Emails To Help You With Practical, Useful Information

  • TSM Is Coming Back On YouTube - Stay Tuned

  • How Can You Help Us?

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