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Note To Future Me - Circle270Media Podcast Consultants 17th March 2021
Marketing Your Podcast Tips
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Marketing Your Podcast Tips

Beyond optimizing your podcast episode title and description, consider creating a show summary on a blog or website and embedding the audio file within the page. 

Google appreciates the added context and will rank websites and blogs that incorporate multimedia higher than those that don’t. 

Transcribe episodes for the blog or to create additional content to promote the episode on social media or your website. Post the blog or episode summary page via social media.

Additionally, these transcriptions will become more and more important as The Podcast Index continues to grow, and hosting platforms implement the option Podcasting 2.0 Transcript Tag.

In short, depending on your podcast hosting platform, you can now import, add, edit and publish transcriptions, making it easier than ever to transcribe your podcast for accessibility, repurposing and SEO benefit.

Upload SRT (transcript) files from external services like Sonix or HappyScribe.

When posting each episode on social media, leverage hashtags, especially for Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Beyond industry-specific language, consider podcast-specific terms like #podcast, #podcasting, #podcastguest. 

Keep a running list on hashtags that you are using for social media posts for easy reference.  Specifically on LI, consider the hashtag suggestions that pop up when you create your post.

For visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, utilize behind-the-scenes images or video as teasers for upcoming (and archived) episodes. 

For YouTube, leverage playlists to combine relevant episodes. If your podcast is business-related consider posting teasers and episodes to LinkedIn, as well as support with LinkedIn articles.  Articles and your website blog articles will not conflict with SEO search.

Don’t forget marketing fundamentals when promoting your podcast. 

  • Incorporate a link to your latest podcast or episode page in your email signature file. 
  • Promote episodes in your newsletter. Create and incorporate a newsletter cadence that best helps exposure for each episode. This means get that newsletter sent within 72 hours of the podcast publishing date. 
  • Promote your podcast website versus a specific podcast player like Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts.  
  • Provide pre-made promos to guests and partners to maximize reach. 

A more advanced strategy is to identify and engage super-listeners (evangelists). Bonus marketing ideas include exploring cross-promotional opportunities with other podcasters/shows.

For example, if your podcast is focused on your web design business.  You also work with a social media specialist as your go-to when your clients need organic or paid social media help. And she has a podcast as well.  Could your social media specialist provide a quick “news-like” one to two minute update about the latest happenings in social media within your podcast?  And could you offer a one to two minute update on best practices when it comes to website tactics.  You both get the benefit of cross-promotion with each other’s podcasts, while adding value to each other’s listeners.  

Creating and marketing a podcast does require a reasonable investment of time and money to do it right. The investment is typically much less than video, and podcasts have the added benefit of expanding into a relatively under-appreciated but fast-growing format: audio branding. Take advantage of the current excitement and growing consumption of podcasts to build your brand.

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