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Trailer18th August 2022 • Founders vs Tech • John Rake
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Welcome to “Founders versus Tech”, the weekly podcast for busy entrepreneurs and founders who know they need technology but just struggle to figure it out. I am your host John Rake, and every Thursday I release a brand new episode bringing you the best advice for launching mobile apps, estimating costs, spotting red flags, hiring great developers, and so much more so you can focus on “scaling” your business - not “dealing” with your tech.

Speaking of tech … it’s ridiculously frustrating, yet critical to achieving your business goals. So if you consider yourself “tech-challenged”, join me. I’ll be distilling over a decade of my professional experience every single week so that you can get the nuts and bolts, jargon-free tech advice YOU NEED completely free anywhere that you can find podcasts. 

For more “Founders versus Tech” business tips, and what not to do with your technology, follow me on Instagram or LinkedIn @foundersvstech. Now, get back to your business, it ain’t gonna run itself!