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Jay 'PodVader' Soderberg on Sports Podcasting, Monetisation in Podcasting, and Spotify
Episode 1613th May 2020 • Crash Course in Podcasting • Deadset Podcasting | @deadsetpod
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Jay Soderberg (@TheRealPodVader on Twitter) is a professional podcast producer with the Locked On Podcast Network, a former radio producer at ESPN, and now co-host of Always Listening (a Podcast industry news show, that’s really really fun). Jay also spent time with both BlogTalkRadio and Spreaker in key content and managerial positions. 

Always Listening:

Topics Discussed.

• Sports podcasting - past, present and "future".

The Anti-Ad-Stablishment - thoughts on the current state of advertising and monetisation in Podcasting. 

• Revenue Rivers - Jay's take on multiple streams of income for your show.

• Spotify’s push into Podcasting - why are they here? And how is Spotify’s approach to the medium different from say, Apple?

• Preparation and Storytelling - two things that Jay believes could help independent Podcasts reach a larger and more loyal audience. 

Socials: @joshuacliston on Twitter and @joshuacliston on Instagram


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