75. Navigating Money and Divorce with Andrew Hatherley
12th April 2023 • The Tech Money Podcast • Malcolm Ethridge
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Nobody enters a marriage expecting to get divorced. Yet, regardless of our best intentions, relationships can and do fall apart. While the emotional roller coaster of divorce is difficult enough, the added frustration of financial litigations can make a situation that much worse. Unfortunately, the current system of divorce in the United States does a poor job of educating clients on the alternatives to litigation. And in the event legal arbitration is the only choice left: where does one turn?

Given their higher salaries and equity arrangements, tech workers are more likely than most to enter marriages with lop-sided assets or income, or both. Furthermore, as a tech worker, it is common to spend your early years building a career, resulting in a later-life marriage, and sometimes with children from a previous relationship. Because of this, some parties may stand to walk away from a marriage with much more than they came into it with. These realities of life should not be ignored when considering a marriage. Even the most rational, cool-headed individuals can be sucked into the emotional damage that is typical of divorce.

On this episode, Malcolm Ethridge sits down with Andrew Hatherley, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and founder of Wiser Divorce Solutions, to discuss his work helping divorcing couples and individuals avoid the financial and emotional hazards of divorce. Having been divorced himself, Andrew has first-hand experience with the broken and frustrating U.S. “Divorce System” and seeks to do his part to help change the way divorce is handled in this country. 

Andrew Hatherley discusses: 

  • The broken divorce system in the U.S.
  • The true cost of filing for divorce
  • Ways to avoid an expensive and protracted divorce proceeding
  • The importance of prenuptial agreements among couples intending to marry

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About Our Guest:

Andrew Hatherley is a divorce financial advisor and understands the fear and uncertainty many of you are feeling. He went through his own divorce several years ago. He knows that the extreme emotions that come with divorce can lead to damaging financial mistakes, both short and long term. Having learned the hard way, He is determined to help others avoid some of the pitfalls that can make divorce such a difficult process