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Coming clean on what we stand for /22
Episode 2220th June 2022 • Unearthing Art • Bec Leigh and Michele Luminato
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As of July 2023, we won't be posting new episodes but you can connect with Bec & Michele and continue the conversation via the links below.


There's nothing like a creative project to accelerate all sorts of personal and artistic growth. Michele and Bec are reflecting on what they've been working on and learnt in the last four months, since the launch of the podcast. However you express your creative energy—in paintings, in writing, in a podcast, in working with other people—there's a potential for it to be a mirror for you, to show you gifts and capabilities you may have overlooked in yourself. And when we can come clean with who we are at the core, and what we stand for, we can create from a very natural place and share those creations at a whole new level—in a way that feels completely in alignment.


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