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Mental Health 101: Your Questions Answered (Part 1)
Episode 57th December 2022 • Roadmap to Joy: A Mental Health Podcast • Embark Behavioral Heatlh
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In this episode of “Roadmap to Joy,” we shed light on some important questions surrounding mental health, therapy, and therapists. Your host, Jake Sparks, treatment director at Embark Behavioral Health, and guest, Abby Jones, clinical director at Embark Behavioral Health in Scottsdale, Arizona, talk about what mental health is, how to know if you or someone in your family needs therapy, where symptoms come from, the different types of therapists, and how to find the right mental health professional to create a life filled with joy.




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Host Bio:

Jake Sparks is a marriage and family therapist who has spent the past decade working with often suicidal adolescents and their parents in their journey toward health and healing. During this time, Jake has been a clinician and the clinical director of several adolescent programs. He’s the treatment director at Embark Behavioral Health, where he works with the some of the nation’s best and brightest clinicians. Jake’s approach to therapy is centered on the role of relationship and attachment in the context of families. He believes that when authenticity and vulnerability are met with acceptance and empathy, people thrive!




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