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90: Our right to unplug and disconnect with Chris Flack
28th January 2022 • Happier At Work® • Aoife O'Brien
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Aoife's Master acquaintance Chris Flack joins us on the podcast. Born in the UK and currently based in Dublin, Chris carries over fifteen years of experience specialising in tech and organisational behaviour consulting and is the proud co-founder of UnPlug. The mission of UnPlug is for people to take control of their technology instead of their technology usage controlling them. "If we make some small changes in how we use technology, we can have some really positive impacts on our behaviour, our well being and our productivity." – Chris Flack. Have you ever felt strained and overwhelmed with work or feel like you have developed the bad habit of always being available 24/7!? This week's episode will resonate with so many as we explore excessive technology usage and our right to unplug and disconnect from the culture of always being on. After all, our bodies cannot fully recharge if we don't allow for vital downtime. This episode is jam-packed with fascinating statistics, insights, and practical tips that will help you disconnect and gain control of your time, which will boost not only your productivity levels but, ultimately, your well-being. Key points covered throughout include: - An introduction to Chris Flack. - The relationship between loneliness and technology. - Overwhelm at work and the always-on culture. - The promise of technology. - Understanding our internal technology triggers. - The key to managing time and task prioritising. - Working from home productivity statistics. - Setting boundaries and switching off when working remotely. - Flexible work VS work design. - Assumptions linked to the hybrid working model. - The struggle of career development for remote workers. - The importance of human connection in a remote world. - Building a culture of support. - How to create behavioural change. - Chris' tips on disconnection and digital mindfulness. - What makes Chris Happier at Work. Chris is an instructor at the Digital Wellness Institute and is a highly sought-after award-winning speaker who has led discussions throughout some of the largest companies across Europe. THE LISTENER'S SAY: Have a topic in mind that you would love for Aoife to explore on future podcasts? If so, please connect with Aoife via the links below and let her know. Connect with Chris Flack: Connect with Happier at Work host Aoife O'Brien: Resources: Book recommendation: Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg. PhD Playback recommendation: Previous Happier at Work episode – The Future of Remote and Hybrid work with Aoife O'Brien




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