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November 20, 2019 - Ezekiel - Society of St. Pius X - The Freemasons
20th November 2019 • Truth in Charity • Spoke Street
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Bishop continues his series on Old Testament prophets….this week, it’s Ezekiel. Hear more about his dramatic call to be a prophet and his amazing vision of the dry bones. How does all of this apply to us today? Plus Bishop answers questions from listeners on topics including the Society of St. Pius the Tenth, the Freemasons, and more. If you have a question for Bishop to answer, submit it at Redeemer Radio dot com slash Ask Bishop. Or download the free Redeemer Radio app on your smart phone or tablet and select “Ask Your Questions.” And the listener-submitted questions: Can you go to an SSPX Church and fulfill your Sunday obligation? If you are a member of the Freemasons, can you receive Communion? Can sin be passed down from one generation to the next? I know it would be great to be in heaven, but do you think it would be strange to be looking out over everything for all eternity? What do you think it will be like? ------ Truth in Charity is brought to you in part by Notre Dame Federal Credit Union. ------ Live: Follow us on social media: Submit your question(s): Call / Text (Holy Cross College text line) - 260-436-9598 Online - E-mail - Subscribe to the Podcast: iTunes | Google Play | SoundCloud | RSS