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Why it’s Easier to Talk About Football Than Feelings with Dr Naren Senthil Nathan
Episode 989th November 2021 • You Are Not A Frog • Dr Rachel Morris
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Dr Naren Senthil Nathan joins us to talk about what makes it hard for people to talk about their feelings. He shares that the first step is acknowledging your problems and knowing that there is nothing wrong with seeking help. If you know people who are struggling, remember that they need to feel comfortable with talking about their struggles first. 

Episode Highlights

[04:52] The State of Mental Health Today 

  • Mental health is not widely discussed and is still considered taboo in many cultures. 

[08:12] Why People Find it Hard to Ask for Help 

  • Many people are not taught to express and talk to people about their feelings.

[10:01] What Happens When People Suppress Their Issues

  • Suppression of issues can affect relationships and lead to unsafe practices at work. 

[12:54] Gender Differences When Asking for Help 

  • Unfortunately, many men today are not open and don’t talk about their problems and mental health matters. 

[17:49] Why Men are More Vulnerable

  • Men don’t open up because of pride and fear. 

[23:52] How to Practice Vulnerability 

  • Opening up to others can lead to reciprocity and form tribes, where you support each other.

[29:08] How to Help Others  

  • Keep engaging with others and let them know it’s okay to talk. 

[33:31] Signs to Look Out For 

  • Learning to spot signs of distress starts with knowing people’s baseline behaviours. 

[36:31] How to Help Others With Mental Health Matters Outside of Professional Help  

  • Create safe environments for them to feel comfortable about sharing feelings. 

[39:13] Naren’s Top Three Tips For Encouraging Vulnerability 

  • Acknowledge that you have an issue, and do not beat yourself up about it. 
  • Remember that it’s okay to ask for help. 
  • Learn to open up with others about your feelings.

[40:07] Where to Get Help

  • Loads of services are available for free in the UK. For example, GP-S is a free service by GPs for GPs. 

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