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Focus on your transition cows, dairy farmers!
Episode 12030th March 2022 • Farmer's Inside Track • Food For Mzansi
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If you’re a regular Farmer’s Inside Track listener, you’ll know we’ve covered everything from

aquaculture to crops. This week, we’re marrying the two to share a quick-and-easy guide to starting your very own aquaponics farm!


Aquaponics, of course, comes with steep electricity costs. Energy expert James Steyn warns that, should Eskom continue to deteriorate with limitations on new generation capacity, stage 8 load-shedding is possible.


Drumroll, please… We’re back with Meadow Feeds, who farmers turn to for much more than just feed. Wihan Kitshoff, ruminant technical advisor at Meadow Feeds, unpacks the importance of the dry period in the dairy cow’s lactation cycle. This week, he explains the importance of this transition.


Our book of the week is The farming handbook by Barry Smith. And, our farmer tip of the week comes from, agricultural economist and strategy and operations analyst at one of Mzansi’s leading agro-chemical companies.




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