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7 Ways To Give Subscriber Value In Your Marketing Emails (So People Love Receiving Them)
Episode 4716th September 2020 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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Marketing emails can actually contain value that your subscribers enjoy. What what kinds of things do we mean by 'value'?

These seven different 'types' we use are a great source of inspiration when you're sitting down to write a new email to your subscribers.

Like most of the world, you’re probably bombarded with emails every single day.

But out of all the crap you receive, are there any emails that you actually look forward to getting? 

Chances are, you can probably only think of one or two people that really stand out in your inbox.

But what makes them so special?

Even better, how can YOU be that person who stands out in your subscribers’ inboxes. 

In this episode, we’re going to give you 7 easy ways to deliver massive value in your emails, which people will actually love and look forward to receiving. 

7 Ways To Deliver Value In Your Marketing Emails (So People Love Receiving Them)

Episode Content

  • (01:59) Why do people join your list in the first place? 
  • (05:15) So many people do this way of marketing, but it just DOES NOT work.
  • (06:14) What would happen if you took out your call to actions?
  • (07:20) When it’s ok NOT to add value in your marketing emails.
  • (09:02) Listen up, because Kennedy gives you one of our absolute core mantras.
  • (10:41) What we are not going to be suggesting you do.
  • (11:15) The first type of value you can give - it’s a really obvious one but it’s incredibly effective.
  • (12:42) Once upon a time, the second type of value came galloping along.
  • (13:52) The third type is related to the first, only a little stealthier.
  • (14:59 This one will really increase your status.
  • (17:56) In times of doom and gloom, can you be the light?
  • (18:26) How to make your audience feel like they’re not alone.
  • (19:35) OK, so we admit - we rely on this one a bit too much. 
  • (20:56) Find out why we just had to give you this bonus tip!
  • (22.42) When Kennedy received this subject line of the week from Rob, he was a tad nervous, to say the least.

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