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Feature Series: Starting Out in Corporate Treasury
Episode 2212nd September 2022 • The Treasury Career Corner • Mike Richards
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For the past few years, people entering into the world of Treasury has mostly been by accident. 

Hussam and Guillaume - hosts of the Corporate Treasury 101 podcast - came and asked me questions about how to enter this amazing world. Not only do we discuss the different opportunities that Treasury can offer in the early stages of a career, and how to successfully enter into Treasury, but we also delve in to what are the main tasks of a Treasury Assistant and a Treasury Analyst. 

Hussam Ali is a Senior Engineering Project Manager, and Guillaume Jouvencel a Senior Consultant in Finance & Treasury. Their current career is not completely irrelevant, but the reason I invited them to the Treasury Career Corner is because earlier this year, they began recording podcast episodes on the ABC’s of Corporate Treasury. And now, they wanted to know more about what a Corporate Treasury career actually means. 

In this first episode of our Feature Series together, we discuss how we enter / hear about / touch upon Treasury when you are a young graduate, or even before, with great initiatives such as 1-year placements. 

What are the skills, hard and soft, that are required (or to be developed) if you want to enter into Treasury? Strategic thinking, risk tolerance, communication skills are just some of the requirements we talk about!

I then walk them through what the different aspects, tasks and responsibilities are at the entry levels in Corporate Treasury. We cover what being a Treasury Assistant and Treasury Analyst really means, warts and all, and what to expect in terms of salaries. 

Last but not least, what makes a Treasury Assistant and Analyst stand out? Putting your hand up is a really good starting point, but not the only one.  

When recording this Feature Series, it was important for us to not only scratch the surface, but take the time to discuss all the aspects of the early stages of a career in Treasury. This included talking about the potential redundant aspects of the job, but also discussing all the amazing things there is to see in Corporate Treasury, and how fast one can grow if given the right tools. 

Some links which were discussed in this episode:

Last but not least… The link to the amazing podcast of my guests!

Corporate Treasury 101 on Spotify

Corporate Treasury 101 on Apple Podcasts

You can connect with Hussam and Guillaume on LinkedIn:

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