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The ‘why’ of establishing your next data community with Katie Reynolds, Case Western
5th July 2023 • Data Citizens Dialogues • Collibra
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In this episode, Katie Reynolds, Director of Data Management, Analytics, and Visualization at Case Western Reserve University draws on her experience with building a data community across various universities to underscore the importance of data governance amidst extensive regulatory requirements.

As we explore the rapid evolution of technology and AI, and the pivotal role of data governance communities in expediting the journey towards effective data governance in higher education, Katie’s journey highlights the power of shared experiences, from success stories to challenges, and the insights gleaned from interacting with other universities. 

Three reasons you should listen to this episode:

  1. Grasp the complex dynamics and importance of establishing a data community in higher education, and the integral role of data governance in this context.
  2. Learn about the transformative power of data governance communities in propelling the journey towards effective data governance in higher education.
  3. Gain insights into the rapid advancements in technology and AI and their implications for the future of data governance.


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