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The Evolution of Protective Intelligence and EP | Fred Burton
Episode 613th February 2023 • The Circuit Magazine Podcast • BBA Corporate Ltd
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In this week's podcast, Fred Burton, the executive director at the Center for Protective Intelligence, talks about the evolution of protective intelligence and executive protection. The discussion revolves around the increasing importance of geopolitical intelligence, the benefits and challenges of having a protective intelligence skillset, and the future of the protector role. A must-listen for anyone interested in corporate security, intelligence analysis, or executive protection.

Protective Intelligence has become an increasingly sought-after skill in the corporate security domain. Organizations are setting up their own geopolitical intelligence divisions within their internal security departments to provide analysis on an international level. There is an ongoing discussion as to whether a Protective Intelligence specialist would be more suitable or if Protective Intelligence should be an integral part of the skill set of all personnel within the organization. Protective intelligence can include areas such as surveillance awareness, med training, and open-source intelligence. Operators are advised to grow their skill sets to offer better service.

It is an honor to welcome Fred Burton, Director Centre for Protective Intelligence to the Circuit Magazine Podcast to draw on his illustrious EP and Protective Intelligence career where we ask:

  • Should we expect more private involvement in protective intelligence?
  • How has the evolution of ‘ground truth’ affected EP?
  • How can you focus on getting just what you deem important to your operations as opposed to what a third party thinks you need to know?
  • Is tomorrow’s protector now required to pursue intelligence analysis qualifications in their free time?
  • Do some protectors genuinely have a fear of not knowing or fear of missing out on intelligence that they should actually not be focusing on?
  • Should protectors be empowered to highlight that some intelligence problems are not solvable?
  • How can you educate your intelligence feed partner about how to make their feeds bespoke to you?

Discover the Evolution of Protective Intelligence and EP with Fred Burton. Explore the importance of geopolitical intelligence and the future of the protector role. Listen now!

About Fred:

Fred is one of the world’s foremost authorities on Protective Intelligence, security and counterterrorism. As Executive Director of the Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence, he spearheads strategic consulting to physical security leaders at major corporations, advising how to optimize their security programs and streamline protective intelligence initiatives.



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