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Founder Thesis - ThePodium.in EPISODE 24, 23rd October 2020
Challenging Traditions & Simplifying Languages | Anuradha Agarwal @ Multibhashi
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Challenging Traditions & Simplifying Languages | Anuradha Agarwal @ Multibhashi

Being a modern person in a hidebound culture isn’t easy. Especially when you are a woman because then, your resume is crafted for getting a placement in a ‘good family’. Your qualifications, work experience, education and description all count! 

But, the less the better! 

Just like many other women, this is a part of Anuradha Agarwal’s story as well. However Anuradha chose to author the latter half of her story herself and after a lot of hotchpotch, she finally built Multibhashi, a language learning platform that makes the process of learning fun & engaging. It is one of the best ways to learn English speaking courses through 10 different local languages or vice versa! 

Born out of Anuradha’s sincere determination of helping people learn English, Multibhashi had over 1,00,000 installs by July 2017! Today it has over 1.5 Million learners & over a million downloads on Playstore. 

In today’s episode host, Akshay is in conversation with Anuradha, about her journey of building Multibhashi, about having hopes, being strong and growing through adversities. Tune in listen to the inspiring story of this “she-boss” & for some great insights & ideas on starting up.