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Why Visibility Matters to Me
Episode 215th November 2022 • GET SEEN • Leilani Wells
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Why Visibility Matters to Me

Episode Introduction

Welcome to another episode of the GET SEEN podcast, hosted by Leilani Wells. In this episode, Leilani shares her unique perspective on sales, marketing, and the importance of visibility in business. She recounts her journey from a curious child to a successful entrepreneur, detailing how she navigated various employment opportunities and used them as stepping stones towards understanding customer acquisition and retention. This episode is not only about Leilani’s personal story but also serves as an inspiration for listeners who may be hesitant to step into the limelight or fear judgment. If you are looking for the motivation to keep progressing in your business despite challenges or fears, this episode is for you.

Main Topics

  • Overcoming fear and building confidence
  • Becoming more confident through taking action
  • Visibility and Marketing
  • Childhood experiences with money and self-sufficiency
  • Early sales experience
  • Delivering valuable content and problem-solving
  • Personal and Professional Growth
  • Consistency leads to progression
  • Audience Connection
  • The power of vulnerability
  • Quality over quantity


Connect with your Host, Leilani⬇️

Leilani is a Visibility and Marketing Strategist specializing in social media marketing, video content experiences, and getting you SEEN (both online + offline).

Using her signature visibility process (GET SEEN), she helps Innovators and Entrepreneurs amplify their visibility and become known as the go-to expert so that they can grow their impact + income.

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