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Interview: Ultimate Handpan Guide for Yogis with Mark Garner Founder of Saraz Handpans
Episode 1917th August 2020 • Life as a Secret Yogi (Yoga Podcast) • Austin Bitzas
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Saraz Handpans:

04:38- Mark’s story to finding and creating purpose through yoga, meditation, qi gong and how he has integrated that into his work in creating handpans (from discovering the handpan, to starting Saraz

Mark’s Friend Rusty James (

07:57 – Mental, emotional, and self realization through building handpans. Integrating mindfulness into the physical practice of building handpans.

Quote: “What is your muscles doing in that action”

Quote: “Being forced to see my limits both mentally, physically, & emotionally.”

10:15 – Overcoming serious injury from manually building handpans through yoga and qi gong. Switching his mind set from yang to yin. Find that balance between yin & yang.

Quote: “Learn to stretch & elasticate my muscles & not be bent up in tension all the time”

Quote: “I can probably work 1500% more now than I could 3 years ago because of simply doing yoga”

11:37 - Finding that balance between yin & yang mindset.

Quote: “To be present in what we are doing. Whether we are having a conversation like you & I are. Or hanging out in the forest watching the leaves blow in the breeze. Or listening to our love ones and the things they really want to share with us and our friends. Or whatever it may be in life”

Quote: “Find that balance in being a witness & putting forth what we want to express in the world” Yin & Yang

16:38 - Power of integrating Handpan music into a spiritual practice. Exploring sound therapy for healing in ways you’d never expect.

“More than Music” Rob Jacoby Interview:

Quote: “I love the instrument. I’m taking it into hospitals & playing for people. I’m taking it into hospice & playing for people. I’m taking into my school & playing for people.”

19:00 – Handpan is an unique instrument like no other

24:52 - The Saraz Foundation was founded to promote and sponsor music education, environmental sustainability, and most importantly, a healthy, happy, and balanced seventh generation of life on planet Earth.

27:45 – Handpan 101!

  • 28:00 - History
  • 31:48 – Terminology…is it a Hang, Handpan?
  • 35:54 - What variations are there out there and what are the differences? Hang, Hangpan, Tank drum, space drum Tongue drum, rav do you tell them all apart?
  • How handpan exactly work? 
  • Why are handpans so expensive?
  • 42:42 - How does one learn to play the handpan? 
  • Is it hard to learn?
  • Quote: “It’s about one of the easiest instruments I’ve ever tried to learn”
  • “Gateway Instrument”
  • 45:43 - Are there types of Handpans for different music? 
  • Stainless Steel vs traditional steel Handpans
  • 53:43 - Do you need a stand for your handpan?
  • 55:15 - How to you travel with handpan?
  • Handpan size & weight
  • 57:56 - Is there a special way to clean a handpan? 
  • Are handpans durable?
  • How to tune a Handpan? 
  • 65:25 - Are there handpan meeting groups or gatherings? 
  • In person like a festival or online? 
  • Resource:
  • Resource:
  • Resource: 
  • 69:50 – What’s next for Mark & Saraz Handpans?

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