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Farm.One - Farm.One EPISODE 6, 9th December 2020
Herban Produce, Re-Nuble, and The Greens GAN Wild
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Herban Produce, Re-Nuble, and The Greens GAN Wild

Wondering what it's like to have an urban farm in Chicago? Episode 6 is here! More importantly, we welcome our first gusts on the podcast, Alicia Nesbary-Moore and Barry Howard, the leaders over at Herban Produce. They are an urban farm over in the windy city. On this episode, we dive into their story and experience with urban farming in another city, and we share a BIG announcement about a new farm location.

For our news segment, Rob, Michael, and Ina talk all things Re-Nuble. New York-based Re-Nuble announced that the company has raised $1.1M in Seed funding. Founded by Tinia Pina, the company turns food waste into a way to grow more food. The company’s technology ‘upcycles’ organic compounds from unrecoverable vegetable food waste, generating water-soluble, organic, hydroponic nutrients for soilless farms.

The company calls its solution Organic Cycling Science (OSC). The system extracts viable, soluble nutrients in food waste and places it back into the food system for continuous reuse until a small percentage of its solids have no longer any residual value. By doing so, the company aims to create a closed loop system through an organic nutrient supply chain that is a carbon negative process done at scale, making it competitive to less sustainable commercial-level options.

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