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Ep. 54: Courtny Conkle, COWGIRL 30 Under 30, General Manager of the Wyoming State Fair and Rodeo
Episode 5426th February 2024 • Beyond the Saddle • Beyond the Saddle
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As the General Manager of the Wyoming State Fair, Courtny's career has been deeply rooted in preserving Western lifestyle and promoting equine events – areas that are not just professions but also personal passions for her.

Growing up with a strong connection to Western heritage, she's always been drawn to the values and traditions it represents. This affinity naturally led her to a career in fair, rodeo, and event complex management, where she could actively contribute to preserving and celebrating this unique culture. Courtny's role involves not just overseeing the operational aspects of these events but also ensuring that they continue to be vibrant, relevant, and true to their roots.

She is particularly passionate about equine events, which are a cornerstone of Western lifestyle. These events are not just competitions; they are gatherings that celebrate skill, heritage, and the deep bond between humans and horses. Courtny's work allows her to be closely involved in these events, from planning to execution, ensuring they capture the spirit of the Western way of life. Courtny has been recognized as part of COWGIRL Magazine's 30 Under 30 class of 2024.

Tune in to hear Courtny's take on leadership responsibilities, the future of events, and more!





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