A Legacy of Joy
Episode 6723rd June 2021 • Rock Your Joy • Aine Rock
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"I can look to what really matters: saying yes to taking chances, living outside of my comfort zone, trying new things, and savoring the sweetness of every moment, every breath." – Aine Rock

When one chapter of your life closes and a new one begins, it is normal to feel nostalgic for the life you had. These reflections can help you evaluate where you are as well as where you are headed.

On this week’s edition of Rock Your Joy, Aine opens up about the medical emergency her husband faced in their early days of marriage and how this challenge helped her to realize what was important in her own life.

When your very foundation is shaken, there is always an opportunity to be present and ask yourself if the things you have been doing give you true joy. Listen and reflect.

Aine Rock is an artist, entrepreneur, mom and High Performance Coach working on becoming the best version of herself and inspiring others to do the same. Rock Your Joy is a place for women to share the unique ways they find, cultivate, and celebrate joy. We’re often so focused on things happening to us that we forget that joy exists within us. Tune in every other week as we find that joy, together.

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