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E48 Bruce chats with Terrell Carter
Episode 4821st April 2021 • BRC & Friends • Bruce Reyes-Chow
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Welcome to BRC & Friends, a podcast where Bruce Reyes-Chow chats with activists, artists, academics, and adventures who are committed to making the world a more thoughtful, loving, and just place.

In episode 48, Bruce sits down with Terrell Carter, pastor, artist, nonprofit executive director, and author of Taking Apart Bootstrap Theology: Gospel of Generosity and Justice, available May 15th from Judson Press.

Bruce and Terrell discuss the disconnect present in white Evangelical Christianity between scriptural beliefs and sociopolitical alignments. Terrell shares his experience transitioning from the conservative African American church experience of his youth to the white fundamentalist landscape he encountered in academia. He also discusses the period of time he spent working as a police officer, and how it did not protect him from harassment by law enforcement. They discuss recent police violence against Black and Brown people, and how American policing and society at large are built to uphold white supremacy.

To wind down, they discuss Dr. Who nostalgia as a comfort watch and escape from reality, their shared enjoyment of Bruno Mars, and ask the hard-hitting question: is David Bowie the only white musician?

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