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S3 Giving Haven to Animals Most in Need
3rd February 2022 • Sentient Planet • Susan Woodward
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If you've ever thought about rescuing and providing sanctuary to an animal in need, this episode is for you!

Guests Kate Tsyrklevich and Hope Hilman run Heartwood Haven, a popular microsanctuary for farmed animals in Gig Harbor, Washington, USA. Pigs and roosters are their preferred rescues. Many of the hundreds they've saved come from appalling conditions, including cockfighting busts. Unfortunately, the cruel and illicit multi-billion-dollar cockfighting industry operates underground in neighborhoods throughout the United States.

Roosters and pigs are highly sociable and charismatic non-human animals who can thankfully recover and live healthy lives when removed from abusive and traumatic situations. Microsanctuaries such as Heartwood Haven are springing up across the world to reset public misconceptions about these and other farmed animals, whose lives are just as worthy as our much-revered dogs and cats.

Calls to Action

  • Kate and Hope have kicked off a "Valen-Swine's" fundraising campaign to raise the monies needed for a new barn for their smaller pigs.

  • They have a significant social media following you can join @heartwoodhaven.
  • Coming to Washington State? You can book a tour of Heartwood Haven here.
  • Cockfighting is a felony in most states and countries. Help end it by contacting local law enforcement If you suspect this activity is occurring in your community.


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