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12. Check on Your Friends with 3 Year Olds. We’re Not Ok!
Episode 1223rd May 2024 • Mealtimes with Dr Kyla • Dr Kyla
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Join me as I jump back into the wild world of parenting with Mandy Richardson from Raise Toddlers. In this episode, we explore why raising a 3-year-old can have you questioning everything about everything. If you’re looking for ways to build stronger emotional connections with your little person or you’re just trying to figure out why your toddler insists on wearing multiple pairs of socks at once, this episode is packed with tips to help you through the whirlwind of toddlerhood.

Listen in and discover:

  • Are our responses helping or hindering in these tricky years?
  • Real-life parenting challenges straight from my household
  • Why different parts of the day can be so tricky for toddlers
  • Mandy’s absolute parenting wisdom 
  • How to decode your child’s (unhinged) reactions
  • How providing the space to allow emotions builds closer connections
  • Using power-reversal play to shift gears in challenging moments
  • Using heavy play/work to help your child to regulate their emotions

Find Mandy on Instagram at Raise Toddlers or via her website at Explore Mandy’s offerings and membership programs here.

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