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What copywriting clients really want...
19th July 2022 • Breakthrough Marketing Secrets • Roy Furr
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Most copywriters have no freaking clue what their potential clients want…

I’ve seen it over and over again…

The copywriter is following some guru or some old advertising book…

And it just doesn’t resonate with the client.

Worse still, it actually highlights the fact that this is an inexperienced copywriter who doesn’t know what the heck they’re doing.

Are you making these mistakes with clients?

I hope not.  But it’s often hard to know until someone shines a light on them — so you can self-examine and be honest about if it’s something you need to fix.

So today I’m highlighting two of these.

The first may be more familiar for longer-term subscribers.

The second isn’t talked about much, but is especially relevant — especially if you want ONGOING PAYDAYS from clients.

Dive into today’s episode for what copywriting clients really want...

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr



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