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111 Dark Cockpit – What Aviation Can Teach Us About Business and Leadership- An Interview with Octavian Pantis and Captain Emil Dobrovolschi, Part 2 of a Two-Part Interview
Episode 11123rd November 2021 • Paradigm Shift with Christina Martini • Christina Martini
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In this episode, Christina Martini, Octavian Pantis, and Captain Emil Dobrovolschi discuss:

  • Managing risk and dealing with uncertainty. 
  • What we can learn from aviation when things don’t go as planned. 
  • Learning from industry specific websites, not just social media.
  • Wrestling with ethical issues.


Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t postpone things, they only gather and the weight gets too heavy and overwhelming. 
  • When something goes wrong, it is never the fault of just one thing. There are always multiple factors. 
  • Do the right thing, at the right moment. Don’t do everything at the last moment, even if you can usually accomplish it.
  • The right thing is always the right thing to do, even when it is difficult. 


"If you can do it today, do it today. Don’t leave it until the last minute." — Octavian Pantis

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