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Trailer25th July 2021 • HR Coffee Time • Fay Wallis
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Welcome to the trailer for the HR Coffee Time podcast; a weekly show full of tips and ideas to help you have a successful and fulfilling HR career (without working yourself into the ground). Join host and career coach, Fay Wallis, as she explains what to expect from the podcast.




If you're listening to this, you probably work in HR yourself. You have such an important role, but I know that your role can have real challenges. There are highs when things go well and you can see you're making a difference and you're appreciated for all the hard work that you do, but you can also have tougher times when you have to handle stressful situations like large scale redundancies, or your ideas are dismissed by other people and other departments; or you're misunderstood and unappreciated.


The show is a mix of solo episodes where I'll be sharing my own advice and tips, but there are also going to be lots of guest episodes as well for you where I've invited other experts onto the podcast for a chat to share their ideas as well.


Why not pour yourself a cup of coffee right now and have a lesson to the first episodes? I really hope you're going to enjoy the show and find it helpful. Please do follow the show or subscribe to it in your favorite podcast.

You can also sign up to receive an HR coffee time email from me each week where I'll be sharing the latest podcast episodes by heading over to the podcast page on my website, which is

Thank you so much and enjoy the show.